Let's face it. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is a lovely person with a great personality. And that makes painting the model so much more fun, because those are the people for which you want to work hard.

Rhonda Shear, as shot by Harry LangdonAnd Rhonda Shear definitely fits that bill. And while I've painted her before, I haven't painted her nude. When I saw the reference for this painting, shot by Harry Langdon, I knew I wanted to paint it. The fact is, I love the glamour girls. Class, sass and sex appeal are what gets my heart racing in an image. It's probably why I gravitate towards Fritz Willis. Even in his nudes that don't have even the slightest piece of jewelry on, they exude a sensuality that transcends clothing and denotes them as a stunning, elegant woman.

And this Rhonda Shear image reminded me of that. Hair up, looking like spun white gold, with that amazing smile of hers, and a figure that is ALL woman, how could you not look at her and say, "WOW!"

And while this painting shows a nude, I cannot show the whole image on Facebook or Instagram without it being censored. But I can here! So enjoy this little work in progress update, censor-free and on me.

Thunder waiting for a package at the mailbox.The site is nearly completed, and I am working very hard to get the store components up and running. I've been watching a day of sunshine and blue skies pass over head through my window as I've done all this work.

Like I said, I still have the store to get through, but the good news is, the freebies are up and running. Registered users on my site can access a free monthly pinup calendar. Cheesecake on the desktop. Nothing better to keep a tough day at bay.

And now, I am going to hang out with my wife and daughter, just as soon as I get the critters fed. And then it's Beer:30.

Getting the site back up to snuff

It's been a fairly full week, with work, music and my decision to completely tear apart my site and increase the functionality.

If all goes well, not only will I have a really functional site, I'll also be posting all my content directly to Facebook, Twitter and G+, and being able to manage it all from one place. I've already slicked up the look of the site with the Wright template (Really liking how clean it is) and a few other elements. But the big stuff to tackle is yet to come.

Over the past year, I gave an honest try out to ShopTab's Facebook app. While I liked the fact that it connected with my core audience, my Facebook fans, I wasn't too thrilled with the tracking, stats, lack of ability to have sales without manual markdowns. In other words, 90% of what I was able to do with my HikaShop installation. So I am revamping the store, the gallery and everything else, and moving it all back onto my site.

God help me and keep me from going nuts in the process!