Mi Corazon

8x12, 100# Soft Gloss archival quality cover stock. 

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Reference from Masuimi Max.

Over on Patreon I am a supporter of Masuimi Max. She posted a birthday suitselfie, and it gave me an idea.
No. Not that idea. THIS idea. Originally, she was holding the cell phone that she shot the picture with. The look on her face was stoic, but awaiting. So, it gave me the idea to replace the cell phone with a heart, as if she's baring herself and her heart to someone, and is awaiting a response.
And that's where the idea got a little haywire. I decided to paint a human heart because it's anatomical, and so many times when women bare themselves, it is a matter of trust that is taken at its anatomical value only. And that is a tragedy. 
The background cherry blossoms are meant to represent the beauty and the fragility of this exact moment. Cherry blossoms also represent how tragically short life can be, and in this instance, how tragically short that lifespan of trust could really be if it's not taken seriously. 
Masuimi was the perfect model to use for this painting for a very important reason. She's an object of physical desire to a lot of people. But what she, like what many women have to offer, is so much more. And from the standpoint of the viewer, it's a very telling thing if they first think, "Wow, she's totally someone I'd bang," before reading that that is NOT what this painting is actually about.

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