• When I was in my early 20s, I was playing in a band that was very close to getting signed, recording our debut and going on the road. Alas, the label was bought out, and the new owners didn't have any interest in what we had to offer. Then life happened. 

JSN Artista provides 2 menu styles to present your website navigation. The default Joomla! built-in menu module (mod_mainmenu) is utilized, so you don't need to install any external menu modules.

Main Menu

Main Menu

Main Menu is very powerful menu built with clean accessible XHTML code structure and effective drop-down submenu panels.

Tree Menu

Tree Menu represents menu items in clear tree-like hierarchy, which is very appropriate for indexing menu. By default all submenu items are collapsed until you select the parent menu item.

See live demo of Tree Menu


RolandMillington.com is a site encompasing Roland Millington's art, music and craftsmanship. If you have any questions regarding this site, please do not hesitate to ask via email at roland@rolandmillington.com