If you came here looking for a bass player who prides himself in being prepared, you're in luck. Why? Because the one word that best describes how I work, is "hard."

I learned early on as a musician that being prepared wasn't just a good idea, it's mandatory if you want to put on an excellent performance. I believe that "magical" audience experiences have nothing to do with magic, and have everything to do with countless hours spent going over my parts and knowing them perfectly. I also believe that if I'm being paid for a performance I have a responsibility to make it the best performance that I can. 

My bass playing isn't the only reason to book me. My voice has a nearly 4-octave usable range. What that means is, while I can sing a bit over 4 octaves, notes that I can reliably achieve in any instance lay just under 4 octaves. D1-C#5.   




I enjoy studio work, and enjoy working either on travel studio gigs, or remotely. If you have a bass part you need to record, chances are I can easily make it happen for you. Working remotely is very easy for me as well, as I have a small studio set up in my home. I can record directly via my Eden WTDI, my Zoom B9.1ut (with a slew of amp models), or my Ampeg PF500 into my Focusrite interface, and send you the file. If you're looking for a specific bass tone, I can also take a raw input and use my Audified GK Amplification 2 Pro Bass Amp Modeler or my IK Multimedia Amplitube VSTs. All I need from you are a few details.

  • BPM. I record to a click so I know my parts are as exactly in time as possible
  • Sampling rate, bit rate, etc.
  • The sound you wish to get from the bass track so that it blends well with the other tracks. 


LIVE BASSLive Performances

I'm available for live performances locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and I make booking me for these as painless as possibly via my booking form. On that form, there are a few details I need to know in order to be able to get your dates on my calendar. 

  • When? Where? Who? Some very pertinent details, 
  • Is the backline provided, or do I need to bring something? A full rig, or a preamp and some IEMs?
  • What does this booking pay?
  • Is the travel paid?
  • Are rehearsals paid?
  • Electric bass, or upright bass?
  • Vocals? Backing or lead?

Sound good? Then let's book it!



Gear BASSMy Gear

In order for you to have an understanding of whether or not I am a good fit in your booking, you'll need to know about my gear as well. I carry 100% replacement insurance on all of my musical equipment.

  • 1997 Fender Jazz bass - Hipshot extender and Seymour Duncan SJB-3 pickups
  • 2007 Fender Jazz V bass - Seymour Duncan STC-2BO Tone Circuit
  • 2012 Squier Fretless Jazz bass - Wilkinson tuners, brass nut & saddles, Fender American '62RI pickups, Santellan Sounds Elek-Trix controls with Push/Pull Series/parallel pot
  • 1987 Yamaha RBX300 with RBX 200F (fretless) neck, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders, and a Varitone Tonestyler 10.
  • 2009 Chadwick Folding bass - upright bass - Fishman Full Circle pickup
  • 1933 Juzek upright bass - Underwood piezo pickup (not currently set for touring)
  • Ampeg PF500 bass head
  • Gallien Krueger BL600 bass head 
  • dbx 160 compressor
  • Acoustic B810 bass cab
  • Acme Low B2 bass cab
  • Zoom B9.1ut Bass Multi-effects station
  • Fishman Platinum Pro Plus Bass preamp
  • Eden WTDI bass preamp 
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Would you like to work with me?

I'm always looking to work with new people. The more the merrier. If you have a touring gig, a writing gig, need a bass or vocal part recorded remotely, then let me know. I'll do everything I can to make it happen exactly as you need it. It's what I do!


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