Acoustic Bass and Vocals


Acoustic, electric and almost entirely by request



The Corn Wolves. It's an acoustic gig that sometimes isn't acoustic. Mostly, I play upright bass and provide backing vocals, but on occasion I sing lead on songs that are requested that don't fit the vocal range of the other singers in the group.

One of the fun parts about Corn Wolves is simply the amount of requests we do. Through the miracle of technology, we have access to a vitual compendium of chord charts. And if one of us knows the song well enough to fake our way through it, the rest of us just follow. Sometimes it's following a parade, and sometimes it's following a parade of lemmings off a cliff. But that's the attraction. The crowd either gets their rquest played, or we trainwreck. 

And to date, we've not trainwrecked once. 

When we play live, typically we're a 5-piece, with two multi-instrumentalists (Sax/keys and trumpet/keys). About 98% of our gigs are run with in-ear monitors, which helps immensely when I'm playing upright bass.

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