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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Monkey?

Artist FMSomewhere around 1999, I decided to start dabbling a bit in electronic music. Now, the whole idea of this was more than a bit foreign to a guy whose exposure to keyboards was incredibly minimal, but I started off with a copy of Sony Acid. And then I moved on to Fruity Loops, which I still use on occasion today. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with cinematic style work, resulting in the production of songs like "Coast of Okinawa" and "Alone Asleep" that told a story. 

I really became personally invested in creating these pieces, and put out a small CD of songs called, "That and a Quarter." It wasn't about selling, it was just about getting my ideas out there and seeing how far I could take them. 

These days I work predominately in Steinberg Cubase, and am slowly getting back into electronic creation accompanying analog instrumetation. My goal is to write enough to actually have a CD out in the Spring of 2017. Again, it's not so much about selling somthing as it is about getting my ideas out there, and giving an audience to my vision. 

The Music
Coast of Okinawa
Alone Asleep
Lasting Impression