The Queen of Modern Pinup, Fantasy and Erotica

When you say "Masuimi Max," you've said a mouthful. (Stop chuckling!)

  1. Working with a legend
  2. About the model
  3. Can I buy a print?

Masuimi Max is unbelievably good to photographers and artists alike. She's a pint-size pile of sass, sexy and hellraiser that is equal amounts of terrifying and awesome all at once. I remember when I first contacted her to get her approval to use a photo of her as a reference for a painting. She was very excited to find out I was painting it, and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. 

Over the years, we became friends, and I cherish her and her equally talented husband, Morat. Without Masuimi and Morat's generosity, my art wouldn't have been nearly as noticed as it is today. 

Masuimi Max is, simply put, the queen of pinup. Yes, you have your Dita Von Teese, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. But no one is as much a chameleon as Masuimi. She can do traditional pinup, or erotica. She can do glamour portraits, or ball-busting action. She's badass, and she's all class. 

Can you buy a print of this? Of course you can! And you can buy several more prints listed below. You can also support Masuimi on Patreon, and on her site, BadMax! I highly recommend a membership. So much hotness, and so little time!

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