Painting the Lovely Mel Heflin

A happy New Year's Eve doesn't even begin describe what it would be like to get a kiss at the stroke of 12 from the lovely Mel Heflin

  1. About the painting
  2. About the model
  3. Can I buy a print?

When Mel and I first worked together I didn't realize that she could shoot her own reference imagery. And in fact, I should have known better, as I'd seen her work on long before I ever met her on Facebook. But ever since she began shooting her own reference for me, the results have been magical to say the least. 

The painting began life as a collaborative effort to do a calendar together, and we are going to get this bad boy published if it kills me. As we started pretty close to the end of 2016, it ran afoul of the timeline I needed to meet for my book, "re:Curve" and I had to choose one project or the other. So, the calendar was put on hold until 2018, when it will appear in all its glory in my shop along with other print goods. 

Keep an eye out for it!

It's simply indescribably easy to work with Mel Heflin. She's such a genuinely creative and sweet person, and whether you're a photographer working with models in a very directed shoot, or whether Mel is shooting reference photography for a painting you're doing, there's no doubt in my mind that she's got the ability to create a very special end result. 

Can you buy a print of this? Well, as of right now, no you can't. Eventually you'll be able to buy it as part of a calendar. Just keep your eyes peeled for it in 2018.

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