Mr. Flay's Unhealthy Obsession

$939.60 each Width: 18 in
Length: 24 in
Height: 3 in

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Mr Flay's Unhealthy Obsession started off life as a simple sketch, transferred to canvas, and then brought to life as an acrylic painting. With a glass varnish protecting it's 18" x 24" surface, this painting would look brilliant in your living room, your kitchen, your den, unsuspectingly placed in your Aunt Sally's front hallway, any place art could be appreciated or could give a good scare. 

As an aside, we're not sure what Mr. Flay's unhealthy obsession actually is, but it does appear to be unhealthy. That is the only verification we can offer at present.

PayPal verified artist (with an interesting sense of humor). Buy with confidence.

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