What happened to this guy that used to paint all those pinups? Well, read on to answer your questions.

So where have I been?

Many folks have wondered what's been going on with me lately, and why the change from pinup art to more, shall we say, tame endeavors. Fair question, and it has to do with what the subject matter was, to a degree. 

I always enjoyed working with the models that I met working as a pinup artist, and actually saw a great deal or progress in terms of popularity. But the one thing I noticed was that, while there were many who appreciated the work I did, there was a whole lot of viewers who were objectifying the models and my art.

I had a pretty big problem with this on two fronts. Number one, I don't look at the women I worked with as objects. I got to know many of them very personally. They're good people, and they struggle to make rent, retain popularity, try to live a life that is really as good as they can make it. Many of them are mothers. I got to enjoy knowing who they were as people. And I got pretty uneasy when I got comments on social media that were extremely derogatory, or sexually abusive towards them. That wasn't why I painted what is simply God's most beautiful of creations, the human female figure. But like it or not, I can't control how people see my art. I can, however, control what art they see. So around 2017 I painted my last pinup.

I was also going through a messy divorce at the time, and while I won't go into details over that, it made me take a good, long look at who I was, what I was doing, and why. I went to counseling, attended therapy, devoured self-help books like they were tic-tacs and slowly have been rebuilding my life ever since. As a codependent/self-love deficient person, I answered a great deal of those questions I had about myself. So I did the only normal thing I could do.

I blew everything up about my life, with regards to my art. Oh, and I became a pastor.

So here I am with over 5,000 Facebook fans who are wondering what happened to the guy who painted Mel Heflin, Masuimi Max and more. Why is this guy a pastor? Well, just like anyone else, I'm a complicated individual. I've always been spiritually connected, but as my life became more and more up in the air, I guess the disconnection caused me to reconnect.

So I pastor a church. I live at home with my beagle, and three years after I painted my last pinup, I am painting ducks, and flowers and motorcycles. Why? Because just like pinups, I like ducks and flowers and motorcycles. So I'm painting them, for me.

Hopefully, that will be OK with you, and you'll continue enjoying the art I create.